SPIRITUAL WARFARE: Critical Conditions

Please don’t let the topic first presented, that you may not be interested in at all, stop you from reading this short article. It touches on the heart of why we need to pray – more earnestly as we get closer to Christ’s return.

The Value of Sparrows

I had the grace a few weeks ago of being introduced to an agency that works to save slaves around the world.  That’s not the only work that this agency does.  They help women whose families try to seize their land after the death of their husbands.  They stop sex traffickers.

And after they save the people from violence, they provide them with safe houses where they can heal from all their wounds.

So faced with being asked to pray for the International Justice Mission, I looked at my schedule, scratched my head, and wondered where I would “fit” them in.  And I saw that I could rearrange my noon prayers to make room.  Normally, I would read the noonday prayers, supplemented with a little “outside” reading, and then pray, generally, while listening to the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy being sung.  I got to sing along.  Which I liked.

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