My name is Roger (my pen names are “Boone” and “The Famous Spearman”). Glory of God Ministries is a writing website I’ve put together for other believers – and also those who have little or no church or Bible background.

I’m a Bible inspired writer: I help people learn about the God of the Bible, pray better, and experience the glory of God Almighty.

My initial goal is not to sell you any of my writings, although I plan to eventually have things you can purchase, but to earn your respect as a faithful reader. I want to offer you a few of my works to cherish for free, so you’ll become a fan of Glory of God Ministries.

NOTE My writing place is open to my current – and new – friends during ongoing remodeling projects. I encourage you to come back as often as you can to see the improvements and additions.

Click the “menu” tab in the upper left corner of this page, it’s in the picture itself, to view the list of current options at this website.

Both positive and negative comments are encouraged--if they're tactfully worded.

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