I use a variety of these both when I pray my adapted version of the “The Lord’s Prayer,” and with the A.C.T.S. Prayer method. May they be a constant inspiration in your own prayers as they are for me.

THE NAMES OF GOD 52 Bible Studies for Individuals and Groups

by Ann Spangler

Mighty Creator Elohim (e-lo-HEEM) – “…creative power…A hint of the Trinity—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…Since God made us in his image, he has instilled in us creative power.”
The God Who Sees Me El Roi (El-raw-EE) – “An Egyptian slave, Hagar encountered God in the desert and addressed him as El Roi…the only occurrence of El Roi in the Bible.”
God Almighty El Shadday (El shad-DAI) – “God revealed himself as El Shadday…to Abram. Shadday occurs thirty-one times in the book of Job and seventeen times in the rest of the Bible…Have you ever had to wait a long time before God acted in your circumstances?”
The Lord Will Provide Yahweh Yireh (Yah-WEH Yir-EH) – “Since God sees the future as well as the past, he is able to anticipate and provide for what is needed…In what ways has God provided for you?”
The Lord Who Heals Yahweh Rophe (Yah-WEH ro-FEH) – “Means ‘heal,’ ‘cure,’ ‘restore,’ or ‘make whole.’ God ‘heals’ water, land, and nation. What areas of bitterness in your life have been healed?”
The Lord My Banner Yahweh Nissi (Yah-WEH nis-SEE) – “Serving as a rallying point for troops before a battle…They aroused devotion to a nation, a cause, or a leader. Has God ever sent others to help you in the midst of battle?”
The Lord is Peace Yahweh Shalom (Yah-WEH Sha-LOME) – “Meaning ‘wholeness,’ ‘completeness,’ ‘finished word,’ ‘perfection,’ ‘safety,’ or ‘wellness’…It expresses the hope that the person you are greeting may be well in every sense of the word – fulfilled, satisfied, prosperous, healthy, and in harmony with themselves, others, and God.”

God of My Kindness Elohei Chasdi – “From ‘chesed,’ the covenantal faithfulness (of God). See also PSALM 89:29; 144:2.”
God of My Strength Elohei Ma’uzzi – “2 SAMUEL 22:33; PSALM 31:5; 43:2.”
God Who Is Near Elohei Mikkarov – “The Title for God acknowledges His immanence within all.”
God of Justice Elohei Mishpat – “ISAIAH 30:18.”
God The Father Elohim HaAv – (JOHN 6:27; 1 CORINTHIANS 8:6; GALATIANS 1:1, 3; EPHESIANS 6:23; PHILIPPIANS 2:11; 1 THESSALONIANS 1:1; 2 TIMOTHY 1:2; TITUS 1:4; 1 PETER 1:2; 2 PETER 1:17

God of Truth Elohim Emet – “JEREMIAH 10:10.”JOHN 1:3; JUDE 1:1.”
Living God Elohim Chayim – Old and New Testament references.

Derrick Gillespie

Our Sword Jehovah Sabboth
My Help Jehovah Ezer
My Light Jehovah Ori
God Who Forgave Jehovah Elnose

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