Story with a Moral

A Poem by “Boone” (meaning chosen of God)


I wrote this when I first had to start living in men’s shelters, being homeless on-and-off-again for about 2 years. I’d never written a poem until then (except maybe briefly in school) when God put a few simple ones on my heart. This was the wilderness experience in my life when I first felt God “called” me to be a Bible inspired writer.

I write out of excessive unemployment-time desperation,

so you can read stories, with morals, for inspiration.


There are many hours when I have nothing to do,

except write E-mails, letters, stories, and poems to you.


Lion King’s Simba says “kuna matata,” meaning no stresses.

God says I’ll give no spiritual crutches, just Holy Spirit caresses.


My silly journaling you may read,

if you have any kind of need.


I pray my life’s past hardships

Enhance your present relationships.


As new thoughts, you begin to collect,

may you toward people, and areas, around you respect.


May my epiphany

become your symphony.


Please, now don’t this new attitude reject;

pass to others it’s rippling effect.



Both positive and negative comments are encouraged--if they're tactfully worded.

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