Example of How to Use the “Lord’s Prayer” Format

Father, become The Lord is Peace to people who read my adapted version of Jesus’ prayer. Give them the peace that passes all understanding in their marriage, at their job, and with their relatives.

Become The Lord Will Provide to them. Take them from grace to grace regarding their expenses (paying off one debt at a time until they don’t have anymore) – and their incomes (establishing various sources that continue to grow).

Also be The Lord Who Heals to them: regarding past injuries, serious diseases that they’re struggling with, and with signs of aging.

I’m asking these things, and more to come shortly, as an adopted child of Yours. There’s no pain, tears, or suffering in the heaven you’ve prepared for people who love You and Your Word (the Bible). I ask that Your kingdom will come NOW for these faithful readers of mine; may Your will be done here on earth, just as it is in heaven.

Holy Spirit, become the ultimate source of understanding – and wisdom – for my readers.

Help them, Holy Spirit, perceive more and more of the ways that You’re providing for them each day as usual.

Jesus, become the Word to my readers – the revelation of who God the Father is – in love and power.

Be God with Us to them from the inside, so they can demonstrate You on the outside to people who know them.

Lord, keep them forgiven with You – and forgiven with others.

Keep them safe from themselves (oftentimes as their own worst enemy) and the Devil.

In closing Lord, may my readers say along with me – and thousands of believers like me – that You’re ablaze in beauty in all Your wonderful characteristics. Amen, and amen, and amen.

“Our Father in heaven, we honor your holy name Matthew 6:98 (Living Bible)

Some of the nicknames of God, the Father (excerpted from The Names of God by Ann Spangler)

Yahweh Tsidqenu (Yah-WEH tsid-KAY-nu), The Lord Our Righteousness. “…being in         right relationship or right standing with God…fulfilling our   responsibilities toward him and others…It comes only as God’s gift to   us through faith in his Son…is primarily and basically a relationship,  never an attainment…”

Yahweh Shalom (Yah-WEH sha-LOME), The Lord is Peace. “comes from living in harmony with God…the source of all peace…it expresses the hope that the person you are greeting may be well in every sense of the word—fulfilled, satisfied, prosperous, healthy, and in harmony with themselves, others, and God.”

Yahweh Yireh (Yah-WEH Yir-EH), The Lord Will Provide. “Since God sees the future as well as the past and the present, he is able to anticipate and provide for what is needed.”

Yahweh Nissi (Yah-WEH nis-SEE), The Lord My Banner. “…serving as a rallying point…banners were usually made out of wood or metal and shaped into various figures or emblems…they often glistened brightly in the sun so that they could be seen from far off…they aroused devotion to…a cause, or a leader.”

Yahweh Roi (Yah-WEH row-EE), The Lord Is My Shepherd. “…One who watches over you day and night

Yahweh Rophe (Yah-WEH ro-FEH), The Lord Who Heals. “…means ‘heal,’ ‘cure,’ ‘restore,’ or ‘make whole’…God is the source of all healing…heals the mind and soul as well”

Yahweh Shammah (Yah-WEH SHAM-mah), The Lord Is There

  “We ask that your kingdom will come now. May your will be done here on earth, just as it is in heaven.” MATTHEW 6:10 (Living Bible)

Some of the nicknames of God, the Holy Spirit

“…the Spirit of wisdom

 and understanding

 the Spirit of counsel

 and might

 the Spirit of knowledge…”

ISAIAH 11:2 (Amp)

Give us our food for today, as usual” MATTHEW 6:11 (New Living Translation)

Some of the nicknames of God, The Son

Poimen Kalos (poi-MAIN ka-LOS) Good Shepherd, “The role of the shepherd      was to provide three things for the flock in his care: food, protection, and guidance.”

Logos (LO-gos) Word, “The incarnation is the clearest, most compelling revelation of who God is—of his…love and power,” according to The Names of God by Ann Spangler. “Because Jesus is one with the Father, he is uniquely able to communicate God’s heart and mind.”

Ish Makoboth (ISH ma-ko-BOTH) Man of Sorrows, “By becoming one of us, Jesus suffered both with and for us.”

Ebed (E-bed) Servant, “Jesus’ words make particular sense in light of the fact    that in ancient times, a servant’s status was directly related to the status of his master. To be a servant of the King of kings, then, is the greatest of privileges…the word ‘minister,’ derived from a Latin word, and the word ‘deacon,’ derived from a Greek work, both mean ‘servant.’ ”

Huisos tou Theou (hui-OS- tou the-OU) Son of God, “When we confess our belief that Jesus is the Son of God, we share in the love the Father has for the Son, becoming adopted children of God…Jesus is God’s Son in the sense that he shares his nature and represent his intention.”

Immanuel (im-ma-nu-AIL) God With Us, “…to save the world not from the outside, but from the inside.”

“Keep us forgiven with you and forgiven with others” MATTHEW 6:12 (Message Bible)

“Keep us safe from ourselves and the Devil” MATTHEW 6:13 (Message Bible)

“…you’re ablaze in beauty*” MATTHEW 6:13 (Message Bible)

Traditional “doxology” added to the Matthew version of this prayer

in the Amplified Bible and the King James Version.

“…glory, greatness, dominion, and authorityJUDE 25 (multi-version Bible)

Far above all rule and authority and power and dominion and…above every title that can be conferred, not only in this age and in this world, but also in the age and the world which are to come” EPHESIANS 1:21 (Amplified Bible)


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